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Unidesq offers innovative office furniture solutions that combine design, technology, and sustainability with a modern desk reservation system and an ergonomic Dynamic Desk Control Panel that adjusts height and connects to devices, promoting enhanced workspaces
and better work habits.


Unidesq offers ergonomic office furniture, including adjustable chairs and desks, to enhance comfort, productivity, and health, with expert customization available for unique office needs.


Unidesq offers tailored office furniture solutions designed to meet individual business needs, emphasizing brand identity, productivity, and success.


Unidesq offers sustainable office furniture solutions focusing on eco-friendly production, responsible sourcing, and designs promoting longevity, aiming to merge environmental responsibility with functionality and style.


Unidesq’s acoustic office furniture solutions transform modern workspaces into quiet, focused environments, addressing the challenges of noise and distractions.

Home work

Unidesq provides innovative home office furniture solutions, focusing on comfort, style, and functionality, to enhance productivity and creativity in your home workspace.


Unidesq emphasizes the transformative power of office design, offering expert interior advice to create personalized, efficient workspaces that foster creativity, collaboration, and productivity, ensuring each furniture piece aligns with your unique vision and brand ethos.


Unidesq’s interior design specialists strategically optimize office development by tailoring layouts for functionality, future growth, employee well-being, and productivity, emphasizing ergonomic design, wellness, and efficient workflows to foster a successful and innovative workspace.


Unidesq offers meticulous logistic expertise, ensuring timely and precise delivery of office furniture with utmost care, allowing businesses to focus on their core operations.


Unidesq provides expert assembly and installation services, ensuring meticulous and precise setup of office furniture, freeing clients from the task and guaranteeing a durable, functional workspace.


Unidesq’s well-stocked inventory ensures swift availability and delivery of office furniture, promoting reduced downtime and cost-effectiveness, allowing businesses to maintain their schedules and focus on their core operations.

On site/distance support

Unidesq offers both on-site and remote support for tailored office furniture solutions, complemented by an innovative office desk with a remote error reading feature for enhanced troubleshooting and productivity.

Quick Response

Unidesq is committed to providing timely assistance, including rapid inquiry resolution, efficient order processing, and reliable after-sale support, ensuring a seamless and satisfying office furniture experience.

Experience in the market

Leveraging a network of seasoned professionals in the office furniture industry, Unidesq offers unparalleled expertise to deliver tailored workspace solutions that cater to clients’ immediate needs and long-term goals, optimizing functionality, aesthetics, and employee well-being.


Unidesq offers contractors a diverse range of office furniture, catering to various design sensibilities, and collaborates closely to optimize space, enhance workflows, and employee well-being, transforming visions into reality for commercial projects.


Unidesq partners with corporates to deliver tailored office furniture solutions that drive productivity and employee engagement, offering a diverse collection designed for collaboration, innovation, and well-being; with our commitment to quality, innovation, and sustainability, we transform workspaces into lasting, inspirational environments that foster success.

Brand Partners

Unidesq collaborates with brand partners to combine expertise, prioritizing design excellence and sustainability, while offering opportunities for market expansion, upholding each brand’s unique identity and values, and mutually promoting eco-friendly and innovative office furniture solutions.

Flexible payment terms

Unidesq offers suppliers flexible and customizable payment options, ensuring prompt and transparent settlements, which cater to individual business needs and provide financial stability, fostering trust and facilitating investment in innovation and expansion.


Unidesq’s advanced inventory management, efficient demand forecasting, and close supplier collaboration ensure timely office furniture availability, swift order fulfillment, and reduced lead times, elevating our service quality and strengthening relationships with customers and suppliers.


Unidesq prioritizes a flawless assembly process by skilled teams to enhance customer experience, showcasing our dedication to quality and reliability, which sets us apart as a preferred office furniture dealer and strengthens our market partnerships.


Unidesq’s efficient logistics system ensures precise and reliable nationwide delivery of office furniture, from meticulous order processing to optional installation services, complemented by post-delivery support, reinforcing our reputation as a trusted industry leader in customer service and delivery.


Unidesq’s strategic warehousing capabilities ensure efficient inventory management and timely order fulfillment, utilizing just-in-time practices, advanced systems, and regional warehouse placements for swift deliveries, resulting in reduced lead times, enhanced accuracy, and solidifying our standing as a reliable office furniture dealer.


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At Unidesq we cherish the power of collaboration and value our diverse collection of partners. They are an integral part of our journey enabling us to offer a wide range of exceptional solutions that cater to the unique needs of our clients.

Our commitment to client satisfaction is the cornerstone of our business. We go above and beyond to exceed your expectations, offering tailor made solutions, on-time deliveries, and comprehensive after-sales support. Your satisfaction is our reward, and we are driven to ensure that you receive the finest service at every step of your journey with us.

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