At Unidesq we recognize that the success of any office furniture venture hinges on efficient and reliable logistics. As an esteemed office furniture dealer we offer comprehensive logistic solutions to our valued suppliers. Our commitment to streamlining the supply chain, ensuring timely deliveries, and providing seamless inventory management sets us apart, making us the ideal partner to optimize your operations and enhance customer satisfaction.


Nationwide Distribution and Delivery

With a keen focus on logistics, our efficient transportation system ensures that office furniture products journey from our suppliers to customers with utmost precision and reliability. Beginning with meticulous order processing and coordination, we confirm product availability and delivery details, ensuring a hassle-free experience for our customers.

Our warehousing expertise guarantees optimal inventory management, allowing for quick and accurate order fulfillment, while strategically planned routes and scheduling minimize delivery times and costs. By leveraging our comprehensive network of reliable partners we provide nationwide coverage, reaching customers in diverse locations efficiently.

Moreover, our optional installation services elevate customer satisfaction, ensuring that office furniture is assembled and placed with utmost care. We believe in going the extra mile with post-delivery follow-up and returns support, creating lasting relationships with our customers.

As a result, our seamless delivery process exemplifies our commitment to exceptional service, making us the preferred choice for office furniture needs and solidifying our position as a trusted and efficient office furniture dealer in the industry.


Strategic Warehousing and Inventory Management

Our warehousing capabilities form a pivotal logistic solution that drives our competitive advantage in the industry. Our strategically organized and well-managed warehouses enable us to efficiently store and categorize office furniture products received from suppliers.

By implementing just-in-time inventory management, we optimize stock levels, minimizing holding costs while ensuring timely fulfillment of customer orders. The strategic placement of regional warehouses allows us to offer swift and cost-effective delivery to customers across various locations, enhancing their experience.

Moreover, our real-time visibility through advanced inventory management systems empowers us to make informed decisions and maintain optimal inventory levels. By collaborating closely with our suppliers and practicing effective inventory replenishment, we achieve a seamless and synchronized supply chain.

Our warehousing expertise translates into reduced lead times, enhanced order accuracy, and an overall competitive edge, positioning us as the office furniture dealer of choice for customers seeking efficient and reliable solutions.


Efficient Supply Chain Management

By carefully forecasting demand, maintaining safety stock, and implementing efficient ABC analysis, we ensure the right office furniture products are available when our customers need them. Our real-time visibility through advanced inventory management systems allows us to make data-driven decisions, optimize stock rotation, and minimize holding costs. Through close collaboration with our suppliers, we achieve a synchronized supply chain, proactively replenishing inventory to meet customer demands promptly. With our just-in-time practices and product categorization, we offer swift order fulfillment, reduce lead times, and consistently exceed customer expectations. Our inventory expertise empowers us to stand out in the market, delivering exceptional service and building lasting relationships with both customers and suppliers.


Enhance the customer experience with a seamless and professional assembly process

We understand that a seamless and professional assembly process is essential to enhance the customer experience. Our skilled assembly teams are trained to handle office furniture with utmost care and precision, ensuring that each item is flawlessly assembled and ready for immediate use upon delivery. Our commitment to meticulous assembly not only saves valuable time for our customers but also showcases our dedication to delivering quality and reliability. This competitive edge distinguishes us as the preferred office furniture dealer, securing enduring partnerships with both customers and suppliers in the market.

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