Connection cord

Filex eGST® connecting cables! The proper coupling of your eGST® plug to an earthed plug! Available in many different sizes!

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Connection cord


Filex eGST® connecting cables! A power cord for easily connecting our Filex Desk Up® series to the closest power outlet.

Our connecting cables come with an angled earthed plug and female Filex eGST® connector connected to a 3-pole 3G1.5mm2 flexible class 5 PVC H05VV-F cable with Eca CPR classification suitable for pluggable building installations.

All plugs are 20A-tested and approved in accordance with NEN-IEC-EN61535.
These cables are available in standard lengths of 0.5 meters through 10 meters.

Filex only carries pluggable products with the CE marking and KEMA-certification in its eGST® range. Naturally, Filex eGST® products comply with the applicable requirements, including the NEN 1010:2015 standard. All our cables are also fully compatible with all eGST®-18 products.

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