Power Desk Up® 1.0 – 2x 230v, 1x USB A+C Charge

The Filex Desk Up® 1.0 series! The multifunctional electrification unit can be clamped to your desk as well as mounted on the Filex Galaxy monitor arm posts with an electrification clamp! View all our alternatives and countless options for a unit that meets your specific requirements!

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Power Desk Up® 1.0 – 2x 230v, 1x USB A+C Charge


Filex Desk Up® 1.0 series. A mounting unit with a sleek and modern design!

This sleek, matt black mounting unit, which also serves as an undermount unit, is equipped with two mounting plates for installation on or under your desk, and a fixed 1 meter-connecting cable with an eGST® connector at the back as standard.

In addition to using this multifunctional electrification unit as a mount and undermount, you can also attach the unit to any Filex Galaxy monitor arm with the Filex Galaxy electrification holder. That way, you have all your power points to hand!

The mounting unit is compact and equipped with 2 x 230V connection and 1 x USB A+C (5.0V – 3.1A – 15.5W).

Not forgetting: this Filex Power Desk Up® mounting unit is naturally CE-certified! Safety and quality come first!

Don’t forget to order a connecting cable in the length of your choice so you can connect the unit to a power point with a suitable cable.

Available in matt white.

Available colours: pick the colour that you would like to receive in your quote
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