Power Pop Up – 3x 230v + 2x Usb Charge

De Filex Power Pop Up! Ideal for your meeting table and can be tidied away immediately again with a gentle press on top. That way, you have all the electrification you need to hand, but you also have a clear desk immediately!

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Power Pop Up – 3x 230v + 2x Usb Charge


The Filex Power Pop Up is ideal for every meeting table, or for kitchen worktops!

This compact Filex Power Pop Up power unit ensures you have all power options to hand, including the ones you’ve been lacking!

Gently pressing the cover with one finger gives you access to the sockets. This model gives you access to no fewer than 3 x 230V sockets and 2 x USB Chargers for charging your tablet or telephone, for example.

The Filex Pop-up power unit is equipped with a 1.75 m cable with an earthed plug as standard.

This electrification unit can be mounted horizontally or vertically, so it can even be built in to lockers!

Specifications: with fixed connecting cable of 1.75 meters and earthed plug. Contents of unit: 3 x 230V and 2 x USB chargers. For worktops of up to 50 mm thick and with an installation dimension of: Ø60mm. Wattage of USB Charger: 5V-2,4A.

Available colours: black in combination with a chic aluminium-coloured finish.

Available colours: pick the colour that you would like to receive in your quote
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