QI Power-Spot 1x 230v, 1x USB A+C Charge, 1x Doorvoer

The Filex QI Power-Spot®! A circular built-in electrification unit that provides you with all conveniences! Easy to integrate into your home workspace, office, or meeting table, and you have all the necessary electrification to hand immediately! Even wireless charging!

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QI Power-Spot 1x 230v, 1x USB A+C Charge, 1x Doorvoer


The Filex QI Power-Spot®, now with wireless QI charging, USB-A and USB-C Chargers!

The ultimate circular All-in One, built-in unit that is indispensable to your workspace!

This electrification unit from Filex was designed with a modern look and has a unique Dutch design! The power unit can be recessed into your desktop, which makes the unit nice and flush and you always have a clear desk.

The unit is equipped with 1 x 230 V, 1 x USB A+C Charger (2.5A-5V) and 1 x (interchangeable) Filex feed-through module as standard, so you can switch between HDMI, a RJ45 connection, or a USB Extension module at any time (see options below). Would you rather have a French Socket instead of an earth pin? We have these units in our range too!

This circular built-in unit even has an additional function!

In addition to the Power unit having a handy cover to prevent dust and dirt getting into your power unit, you can charge your smartphone on the inside of this cover thanks to built-in QI technology!

All provisions in just one unit; surely you want that too?

The Filex QI Power-Spot® is equipped with a fixed connecting cable of 2 meters with earthed plug and is available in: white or black. Ø 80 mm. Want a different module in you unit rather than the feed-through? Enquire about all the options!

Filex module options:
681083 – Filex HDMI module White
681084 – Filex HDMI module Black
681081 – Filex RJ45 module White
681082 – Filex RJ45 module Black
681085 – Filex USB Extension module White
681086 – Filex USB Extension module Black.

This electrification unit is naturally CE-certified.

Wireless charger: 1V, 5V, 5W
USB A single: 5V, 2.4A, 12W
USB C single: 5V, 2.4A, 12W
USB A& C: 5V, 2.4A, 12W

Available colours: pick the colour that you would like to receive in your quote
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