Power Desk In – 2x 230V + 1x USB A+C Charge

The Filex Power Desk In! A wonderful solution for all the necessary electrification, which are nicely out of sight when not in use, on your workstation or conference table! By means of the Keystone’s you can add any connection you are still missing!

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Power Desk In – 2x 230V + 1x USB A+C Charge


The Filex Power Desk In! The electrification built-in unit with a modern look and user-friendly design! You have chosen the unit with 2 power and 1 USB A+C Charger (5.0V – 3.1A – 15.5W).

The Desk In recessed unit can be easily recessed into your desk, giving you a sleek looking solution for the electrification you need. The Desk-in features a cover flap which opens or closes with a simple finger touch, gently and steplessly.

The unit is easy to assemble and has a fixed connection cord with a length of 1 meter with an eGST® plug at the end.

This configuration means you have power for your laptop at hand as well as your phone and your other device! Not unimportant: this Filex Power Desk In built-in unit is of course CE certified.


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