Power-Spot® – Incl. USB A + C Charge en USB C extension

The Filex Power-Spot® with not only USB A and C Charge, but also USB C extension! By purchasing this built-in electrification unit you can hardly go wrong anymore! This built-in unit is beautifully recessed into your workstation or conference table and provides you with all your needs!

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Power-Spot® – Incl. USB A + C Charge en USB C extension


The Filex Power-Spot®. Nicely and neatly concealed in every desk, at home or in the office.
Because this electrification unit has a modern and slim design, the unit is nicely recessed into every desk and at the same time you have all the most frequently used connections at hand!
This Filex Power-Spot® is a round built-in unit, equipped with 1 x 230V connection, 1 x USB A+C charger and USB C Charge extension. With the USB C Charge extension you can add USB power from under your desk for another device.
The Filex Power-Spot® has a built-in size of Ø60mm and comes standard with a 1.7 metre cable with an earthed plug. Handy, because this means you do not have to order a connecting cable before you can use it and you can plug the unit directly into the wall socket! This unit can also be ordered with an eGST® plug.
Available in the colors: black and white.

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